About me – fine art painter


From Ljubljana to Germany.

I was born in 1984 in Ljubljana, where I lived and worked till the end of 2017. In 2013 I enrolled in the study of fine arts at College of Visual Arts – Arthouse. I graduated in 2017. At the beginning of 2018 I moved to Holzkirchen, Germany.

The basis of my work is oil paint, which I often combine with the collage of golden leaves. In recent years, gold leaves have been strongly present, especially in the last cycle of the moon paintings. My great inspiration is the process of meditation and contemplation, where I visualize future projects, ideas and details of paintings. It is the mind play of almost infinite possibilities, where I pick, create and recreate emerging ideas. Some kind of the mind sketch-land.

Circle, gold leaves and color blue are my constant companions.


2023; Golden night Light; Kultur im Oberbräu, Holzkirchen, Germany

2017 - 2018; I went there, arrived in elsewhere; Finžgar Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2017, MKLJ – Ljubljana city Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2016; Portrait of my Family; Ljudski dom, Ljubljana Šentvid, Slovenia


2023 Franken Kunstmesse, Bad Staffelstein, Germany

2022 & 2023, Artist group KunstStatt with guest artists, Schaftlach, Germany

2014 - 2019, The Map project - Where I live

2018, The river of life; Gallery Kinogledalisce Tolmin; Tolmin, Slovenia

2014, Student exhibition of VŠRS; Galerija – Spomeniškovarstveni center, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2014, 2015 Student exhibition of ALUO and VŠRS, Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia


2023, The Big Hoot Holzkirchen http://2023https://www.bighootholzkirchen.de/

2022, 2023, Kunst in Schaufenster vol.2, vol.3 (Art in store window), Holzkirchen

2022, Open days of Atelier

2014 - 2020, The Map Project: Where I live, http://themapproject13.blogspot.com/


2023 Heidi Siefert, Der Mond, das Gold und die Kirschblüte, Merkur-Holzkirchen, Nr. 57, p. 3.

2023 Monika Ziegler, Das goldene Licht des Mondes, KulturVision: https://www.kulturvision-aktuell.de/das-goldene-licht-des-mondes/

2021 Reinhold Schmid, Fantasie trifft Spiritualität, uber die Malerin Eli Miklavcic, Kultur Begegnungen, Edition 36, November 2021 - May 2022, p. 17.

2020, Monika Heppt, Verena Huber, Reinhold Schmid, Bildende Künstler im Landkreis Miesbach, Begleitkatalog zu den 2020: Offenen Ateliertagen

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copyright of Eli Miklavcic
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