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It all started in high school when I first touched an oil-crayons and create the first drawing.

Painting was not my first choice of study, but it was certainly one of the first silent loves that are born slowly and stay for a lifetime.

Dreams become real when we invest concrete work and believe in it.

When I was a teenager, I imagined I could be a painter - for the first time in my life. I was only interested in painting with brushes. But the journey to my first painting took longer. You've probably heard the words 'you can't make a living from art'. Those words stopped me. At 18, I didn’t find enough self-confidence to follow a painting path. So I enrolled in the study of geodesy. I don’t regret my decision as it shaped me significantly. I put my dreams, sparks and desires a bit aside. After a few years of searching, I finally got up enough courage and started painting again. I have remained faithful to art ever since. With many ups and downs of course. No path is straight. And even when we find the right one, it often seems impossible to continue. But when the soul calls, we set out on the right path again and again.


From engineering to art, from Ljubljana to Germany.

I was born in 1984 in Ljubljana, where I've lived and worked till the end of 2017. The same year I also graduated at the College of Visual Arts – Arthouse. At the beginning of 2018 I moved to Holzkirchen, Germany.

After graduating from high school, I enrolled in the study of geodesy and also finished it, but I never really found joy in it. Nevertheless, I am happy for this experience, as the technical study gave me a lot of knowledge that still suits me today. My search continued and in 2013 I enrolled in painting studies. Since then, painting has been a part of my everyday life. Every time I grab a brush, it seems to me that a new journey into unknown waters has begun.

My themes and painting motifs

Mostly I paint with oil colors, often I combine them with collage technique and leaves of gold. I find the greatest inspiration in nature and in the facial features of each individual. Last year I discovered graphic design and it has now become part of my creative process.

I have always been fascinated by the human face. It can tell a story of the soul and its journeys, which are reflected in the depths of the eyes. That’s why portraits were and are my favorite motif. I am also inspired by female mysticism, spirituality and the secrets of the animal world.



2017 – 2018; I went there, arrived in elsewhere; Finžgar Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2017, MKLJ – Ljubljana city Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2016; Portrait of my Family; Ljudski dom, Ljubljana Šentvid, Slovenia



2022, Artist group KunstStatt with guest artists, Schaftlach, Germany

2020, Open days of Atelier – Exhibition and Auction, Tegernsee, Bayern, Germany

2014 – 2019, The Map project – Where I live

2018, The river of life; Gallery Kinogledalisce Tolmin; Tolmin, Slovenia

2014, Student exhibition of VŠRS; Galerija – Spomeniškovarstveni center, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2014, 2015  Student exhibition of ALUO and VŠRS, Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Publications, Projects and Teaching


2021 Reinhold Schmid, Fantasie trifft Spiritualität, uber die Malerin Eli Miklavcic, Kultur Begegnungen, Edition 36, November 2021 - May 2022, p. 17.

2020, Monika Heppt, Verena Huber, Reinhold Schmid, Bildende Künstler im Landkreis Miesbach, Begleitkatalog zu den 2020: Offenen Ateliertagen

2018, Elizabeta Miklavcic: Poems, Zvon Magazine, Nr. 6, December 2018, p. 7-9.

2018, Text: K.H., "Šla sem tja, prišla drugam", Newspaper Družina, 21. Jaunar 2018, p. 12.


2022, Open days of Atelier

2022, Kunst in Schaufenster vol.2 (Art in store window), Holzkirchen

2014 - 2020, The Map Project: Where I live, http://themapproject13.blogspot.com/

2014 - 2018, International Project PRESET (EU - Erasmus Plus): Participation, Resilience, Employability, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship; conceptual support and leading art workshops.


2016, led art workshop for children, Rakitna, Slovenia.

2014, Montessori summer camp, organisation and leading of art workshop, Kranjska gora, Slovenia.

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